The reasons for seeking counselling or psychotherapy are completely unique to each person, so whatever it is that brings you here, welcome!

My name is Rachel, and I am a qualified Psychotherapist & Counsellor, fully registered by the UKCP and I work privately from locations in Long Eaton (Nottingham/Derby border) and London (North West London, W2).

There's no rule book when it comes to seeking counselling. You may already know the reasons you are looking for the supportive space that a therapist can offer - it might be that right now you face a particularly difficult and painful season and you want to work through that with someone outside of daily life. You might be struggling with overwhelming thoughts and feelings that you want to understand and change but don't know how yet. Equally, you may not be sure why you're reaching out, sometimes it can feel vague and unclear - we don't always know why or what it is we're looking for.

Whatever your personal reasons, counselling can be really helpful and supportive in the process of making changes and finding meaning in life's more confusing or difficult experiences. It aims to provide you with a safe environment to explore whatever you choose to explore. Sometimes it can be life-changing in ways previously unimagined.


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